We believe that catechesis is a lifelong process, whereby adult faith formation is the focal point from which all catechesis flows. Its purpose is to make individual and communal faith become living, conscious, and active through illuminative instruction and the building of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

In Jesus Christ is the fullness of our common humanity and in His Incarnational presence is the model for all catechesis; catechesis which seeks to reach the heart of each person where they stand and raise them up into the inner life of the Most Holy Trinity. In Light of this reality, we seek to evangelize the whole community, sensitive to the cultural and linguistic needs of the People of God that we serve.

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Level 3 -TOB in Touch with Adults

Parents and Catechists will find this handy in giving a brief, powerful, and foundational glimpse of Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body, which he himself called the 'most suitable' way of educating people nowadays. With hints about how to reach teens, some do's and dont's, and a focus on the Bishops' Document, this course gives a refreshing perspective on the profound teaching.

$33 - 6 Lessons (1 year subscription)

Level 3 - Introduction to Catholicism

An introduction to the teachings of the Catholic Church and an in-depth explanation of what it means to be Catholic. The Universal Call to Holiness is the main theme throughout the book. Topics include the Blessed Trinity, the Church, the Creed, Sacred Scripture, the Seven Sacraments, the Ten Commandments, and the lives of the Saints.

$33 - 25 Lessons (1 year subscription)

Level 3 - Understanding the Scriptures

Authored by Dr. Scott Hahn, this book presents a thorough examination of the history of salvation as presented in Sacred Scripture, which finds its fulfillment in Jesus Christ. It studies Divine Revelation through its sources in Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. An excellent resource for biblical studies.

$33 - 22 Lessons (1 year subscription)

Level 3 - The History of the Church

This course presents the story of God's intervention into human history from the Incarnation until the present day. It emphasizes God as the Lord of history and his actions that demonstrate his love for his People. An excellent resource for anyone seeking to know more about the history of the Catholic Church.

$33 - 21 Lessons (1 year subscription)

Level 3 - Our Moral Life in Christ

A detailed study of the moral life in Christ-based on his teachings in the Gospels, the Ten Commandments, and the Beatitudes-which enable Christians, with God's grace, to imitate the life of Christ in their lives, to make correct moral decisions, and to spread the Kingdom of God on earth in their journey toward eternal salvation. This book presents the life of Christ and his teachings as the basis of moral theology.

$33 - 22 Lessons (1 year subscription)