We believe that catechesis is a lifelong process, whereby adult faith formation is the focal point from which all catechesis flows. Its purpose is to make individual and communal faith become living, conscious, and active through illuminative instruction and the building of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

In Jesus Christ is the fullness of our common humanity and in His Incarnational presence is the model for all catechesis; catechesis which seeks to reach the heart of each person where they stand and raise them up into the inner life of the Most Holy Trinity. In Light of this reality, we seek to evangelize the whole community, sensitive to the cultural and linguistic needs of the People of God that we serve.

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Level 2 - Scripture

Overview of the Books of the Old and New Testament.

$30 - 6 Lessons (1 year subscription)

Level 2 - Creed

The Church, Communion of Saints, and Last Things.

$20 - 4 Lessons (1 year subscription)

Level 2 - Christian Morality II

Focus on Conscience, moral decision making, and the social teachings of the Church.

$20 - 4 Lessons (1 year subscription)

Level 2 - Liturgy

Focus on each of the seven Sacraments.

$25 - 5 Lessons (1 year subscription)

Level 2 - Prayer and Spirituality

Focus on a basic understanding of Catholic spirituality and application for the catechist.

$25 - 5 Lessons (1 year subscription)